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Real Estate Law (Commercial and Residential)

Conrad & Vincent has successfully handled hundreds of commercial and residential real estate transactions.

Each residential real estate transaction, whether a buy or a sale, is handled with the understanding that many real estate clients are unfamiliar with the process of and legalities associated with the sale and purchase of real estate.  Our goal is to simplify all legal aspects of each client’s transaction and to handle each client in a patient manner, taking care to answer all questions to the client’s satisfaction. While we handle all forms of residential real estate transactions from small homes to large estates, we specialize in surrounding adult communities and have handled numerous transactions in the Clearbrook, Rossmoor, Greenbriar/Whittingham, Concordia and other local adult and planned communities.  If necessary, and at no additional charge, we will make appointments to see our clients in their homes for contract review and document execution.  We work closely with our clients and their real estate agents through all phases of the real estate transaction. First, during the attorney review period, we discuss the contract with our clients, suggesting contract revisions as appropriate. We then consult with our clients throughout the inspection phase and promptly followup all  mortgage and other contractual contingencies. We assume responsibility for title review and, of course, attend the real estate closing. Clients are kept closely informed throughout all phases of the transaction via telephone calls, fax, e-mail, and letters. Our legal fees are reasonable and recording charges for deeds and mortgages are based upon our out of pocket costs only without any extra charges. There is no charge for an initial consultation and routine post closing questions are handled at no extra charge.

Conrad & Vincent also provides expert legal services for commercial real estate transactions. We have provided services to business clients who are purchasing or selling all kinds of real estate including restaurants, warehouses, retail strip mall locations, undeveloped properties, office locations, apartment buildings and investment properties. We are able to assist our clients with zoning, environmental, due diligence, and regulatory concerns relative to their transactions. We are also able to assist our clients with 1031 Tax Deferred Like Kind Exchanges.